Homer trading strategies

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homer trading strategies

A common problem with trading the draw strategies on Betfair is that traders get important aspects of Betfair trading wrong. The idea for this post came after reading a blog about Betfair systems where they have one or two posts about trading the draw on football games. Buy The Simpsons Trading Card Game Krusty Approved Booster Box: Games & Accessories - hicogedu.tk FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchasesReviews: 2. Oct 02,  · Anatomy of a trade. October 2, by Raghee Horner. She is also the author of the bestselling “Forex Trading for Maximum Profit” and “Thirty Days of Forex Trading”. Emphasizing charting and price action and continues to teach the tools and strategies that encourage self-directed traders to pursue the study of chart analysis and.

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That psychologist also introduced my wife and I to one another, so I should have, homer trading strategies, perhaps, been somewhat wary of new gifts. But these days, really all I care about is trading and right now my thoughts are focused on modifying my trading in a covered option strategy to that of a not too long ago era, as there is indication of a transition in market sentiment and most importantly, in market volatility.

My least favorite situation is to have uncovered positions and lately that is an increasing occurrence, homer trading strategies. That coincided with the time that I started a covered call strategy in earnest and not just on a portion of my portfolio. That was serendipitous timing and certainly not planned. No one saw the plunge that was about to come our way. But I do want to discuss some of the trading strategies that homer trading strategies incredibly useful in outperforming during a terrible market.

The first thing to understand is that the primary objective during a down market is to not go down as much as the overall market. Mountains are much harder homer trading strategies climb than they are to fall off from.

By virtue of selling options and collecting premiums you are already at an advantage in a declining or sideways moving market, but the real advantage comes from continually being able to sell those calls even when your positions are far below their cost basis, homer trading strategies.

For those that have now been doing this for a while you have seen how accumulating premiums really can add up, but they have to be given the chance to accumulate.

There are differences between now and The first is that there were only monthly and longer options available back then. Additionally, there were fewer and more widely spaced strike levels. Finally, volatility was already high, while it is just now showing some evidence of growing. Digging out of a hole implies that there is action and not simply passivity awaiting a fallen stock to rise higher, especially in a downward moving market. The idea is to start delivering option income from a non-performing asset that is no longer expected to be carried along with what was once a higher moving market, homer trading strategies.

During a higher moving market option premiums tend to be low, sometimes very low. So instead, you let your asset sit and do nothing while waiting for it to pop higher. That expectation is more realistic during a bull market than it is during a bearish phase. During a bull phase you would feel like an idiot if you traded your shares for pennies, homer trading strategies, so you let actions take second place to passivity in many cases.

A reckless few, and I do so on occasion, will collect a few crumbs and use near the money strikes, but that has a very unfavorable risk — reward profile and rolling over can easily erode potential profits.

But during a bear phaseas option premiums start to rise along with volatility, there come instances when you will see premiums starting to get a little more attractive even for strike prices that are a level or two above the current price. Now however, instead of a level or two representing unobtainable or unrealistic price objectives as inand therefore, very low premiums, the range of strike levels now offers many more realistic prices and more appealing premiums. The idea is to capitalize on those higher premiums, but to reduce the risk of assignment by using higher strike levels.

During a bear phase the expectation of a pop higher in price is lessened, although it can still occur. While you may feel like an idiot in a bull phase for taking pennies, during a bear phase you may feel like a genius for finding some additional income. You will especially feel like a genius if you can ride your shares higher and still collect those premiums.

In a bull market you want your shares to be assigned and quickly. You just want to be in the game and have a chance to play. If and when a pop in price homer trading strategies occur, homer trading strategies, you simply evaluate the relative benefit of rolling over the existing option, preferably to an even higher strike price. Doing so will reduce the net premium, as any classical rollover, but may even result in a trading loss on the option in the event of a sudden price homer trading strategies. The idea with rolling over and hopefully to a higher strike, is that you continue to want to be in the game and have an opportunity to get more premiums and eventually exit your position intact, homer trading strategies, rather than at a loss.

Back in when only monthly options were available you would find yourself getting locked in for a longer period of time than you might like to tempt fate, homer trading strategies.

With the weekly options you can be more nimble and homer trading strategies to changing share prices. However, as forward month volatility further increases, there may be opportunity to use a longer time period and a further out strike price to guarantee a greater premium and minimize the need to aggressively monitor and trade the position.

As a recent example, some of you homer trading strategies own shares of Anadarko. Not much, but better than nothing, although it comes with a potential risk of losing shares at well below cost. For those exercising a covered option strategy it may actually become the best of times and better prepare your portfolio for the next bull market. Share this:.


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homer trading strategies


Navigate the markets with the exact tools of a year trading veteran. (A Version of this article appeared in TheStreet) I’m not a very well read person but one book that I couldn’t resist reading was “The Psychology of The SImpsons.” It was actually a gift given by a psychologist who knew that The Simpsons was one of my few passions, but apparently didn’t know that reading Continue reading "Trading Like Homer Simpson". You can get a good taster of some of the strategies on YouTube. I would also recommend ‘Bet72’ and the ‘Market Matcher'(Betting System Notes) which identifies potential games for a number of the strategies along with the Homer strategy. 2. F ootball Trading H andbook v1.